The mighty Colossi. These creatures aremade up of the land, rocks, buildings, grass. They bleed a black misty substance. The colossi are named by proper name with type, designation, and latin name. I know the images are small, I will get around to replacing them as soon as I can.

Valus, the Minotaur
Minotaur Colossus
Minotaurus Colossus
Quadratus, the Bull
Taurus Major
Taurus Magnus
Gaius, the Knight
Earth Truth
Terrestris Veritas
Phaedra, the Horse
Elite Warrior Horse
Equus Bellator Apex
Avion, the Bird
Bird of Prey
Avis Praeda
Barba, the Bearded Beast
Great Beast
Belua Maximus
Hydrus, the Lizard
Sea Serpent
Draco Marinus
Kuromori, the Lizard
Wall Shadow
Parrietinae Umbra
Basaran, the Tortoise
Storm Echo
Nimbus Recanto
Dirge, the Sand Worm
Sand Tiger
Harena Tigris
Celosia, the Tiger
Flame Gardian
Ignis Excubitor
Pelagia, the Sea Monster
Great Sea Monster
Permagnus Pistrix
Phalanx, the Flying Serpant
Air Sailor
Aeris Velivolus
Cenobia, the Lion
Destruction Luster
Cladeds Candor
Argus, the Warrior
Vigilant Sentinel
Praesidium Vigilo
Malus, the Socerer
Grand Superior
Grandis Supernus

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