Other than the Colossi, these are the begins that play a major role in the story. I have provided some additional information n their names where I saw fit.

Wander ; Our hero. Stealing an ancient accursed swor, he mounts Agro with the body of Mono, and enters into Forbidden Land, seeking a way to return the life taken from her. Dormin warns that this undertaking make cost a great deal to Wander, but he agrees without hesitation.
Agro ; Wander's loyal steed. He alone is Wander's only ally against the Colossi.
Mono ; A young woman sacrificed by her people for having a cursed destiny Wander takes her body to the Shrine of Worship in the Forbidden Lands in order to resurect her. As Wander defeats each Colossi, her voice can be heard, growing stronger with the fall of the Colossi.
Lord Emon ; a Shaman or Holy Man, accompanied by a group of warriors, he seeks to kill Wander for stealing the ancient sword and entering the Forbidden Land despite his warnings.
Dormin ; A disembodied entity, disengendered-- Dormin has simultaneously, a male and female voice. In order to return Mono's soul to her body, Dormin demands that Wander first destroy all sixteen Colossi scattered across the Forbidden Land. Each of the colossi contains a fragment of Dormin's spirit.

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