Tere are many aspects of both games TeamICO left to our interpretation. Here are a few questions and my guess as to what an answer would be. Feel free to offer any questions and answers you may have.

I: What is the relationship between Wander and Mono?

Some argue siblings, but having four brothers myself, I strongly disagree. I use his actions and words as proof he loved her a great deal, and not the same kind of love one has for a sibling.

Wander : Are you Dormin? I was told that in this place at the end of the world--there exists a being who can control the souls of the dead.
Dormin: Thou art correct... We are the one known as Dormin...
Wander: *turns to Mono* She was sacrificed for she has a cursed fate. Please... I need you to bring back her soul...

Dormin tells him it is not impossible, and that he'll have to destroy the colossi. Wander readily agrees. Then Dormin says:

Dormin: But heed this, the price you pay may be heavy indeed.
Wander : It doesn't matter.

After the defeat of each colossi, whereas Wander is sent back to the shrine, he goes to check on Mono, sometimes carressing her cheek with his hand. Even at the end where he is losing himself, and he knows it, he goes towards her, reaching for her.

II: What was Dormin?

Evil? Lord Emon repeatly uses the word evil, cursed, and ungodly when referring to Dormin or the possessed Wander. That would explained why Dormin was locked away, why Dormin speaks of itself in the plural 'we', why he appears as the negative energy, void like shadows, and why the Forbidden Land where the Shrine of Worship it is locked within is forbidden.

III: Was Ico the baby at the end?

No. Though there seems to be little doubt that since Ico too had horns, he is a decendent of the possibly reincarnated Wander. It can't be Ico because from the Ico game we learn that there has been other children, born before Ico, with horns.

IV: Atonement through rebirth?

Yes! I think... Lord Emon says, as he leaves the Forbidden Land, he hopes that if Wander survived he can atone for his sins. Since Wander died with horns, as a result of being gradually possessed by Dormin, we'll assume the baby is Wander reincarnated. In the sequal Ico, we learn from the villagers that every so often a child is born with horns and considered cursed. During the final battle with the Queen, both of Ico's horns are knocked off. In the end both he and Yorda are saved. Ico a normal boy without horns, and Yorda's body no longer covered in black shadow. During Shadow of the Colossus, Wander comes to a beach, and a beach is where Ico and Yorda are washed upon following the crumbling of the castle. I think had Ico left the castle and not risked so much to see Yorda escape with him, he would have perished in the castle as the other horned children before him had.

V: The blackbird?

In the very beginning of SotC, the camera is following the flight of a dark colord bird with white strips on its wings. Wander, too, looks up at the bird as he approaches the bridge leading to the Forbidden Land. At the ending, the bird is in the Secret Garden with completely white birds. All the birds fly away shortly after Mono, holding the infant, and Agro come in. Once again the camera follows the bird as it flies off into a storm. One of my friends told me there appeared to be a 17th Idol in the Shrine of Worship. Googling it, there seems to be some rumor there was. Maybe this bird is a fragment of Dormin. Going deeper, Dormin had both a male and female voice until he possesed Wander, then the female voice disappeared. The antagonist in Ico is the Queen and her minions of shadowy spirit creatures and the Queen's goal was to possess her 'daughter' Yorda. So by Ico, we can assume that Dormin was not totally defeated...

Blackbird mythology also help us to understand the significance of the bird in the game, read more here

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