Here you can learn of the entire plot, however this section is full of spoilers. If you haven't played SotC or haven't finished, you may want to go back.

The scene beings with a dark colored bird soaring along the mountains. We then see Wander on Argo, holding Mono. Scene spans the long expanse of bridge that leads into the forbidden Land

Wander dismounts, and holding Mono carefully, he takes her into the Shrine of Worship,. Suddenly shadowing figures rise up from the floor and attack. Wander pulls out his Ancient sword and on sight of it the creatures disappear.

Then the voice of Dormin is heard. If Wander destroys the 16 colossi, then Mono can be resurrected, however their will be a heavy consequence for Wander. Wander agrees and setting his eyes towards Mono once last time, he sets our with Agro. By holding up his Ancient Sword, the place where the light reflects from the blade and converges is where a colossus can be found.

Each colossi represents a large idol in the Shrine of Worship and each idol hols part of Dormin's spirit. As each colossi is destroyed, the corresponding idol is destroyed. However, as Wander destroys each colossi, swirls of light come from their body, up into the sky, and slams into Wander sending him back to he Shrine. Mono's voice becomes stronger and stronger. But Wonder grows paler and paler with each colossi he destroys...

Lord Emon finally comes after Wander once he destroys twelfth colossus. The final colossus falls destroying the bridge they are on in the process. As the bridge is crumbling Agro bucks Wander off to the remaining edge of the bridge and falls, with the crumbling bridge, into the ocean below.

By this time Lord Emon and his followers have reached the Shrine of Worship, and see the 16th idol obliterate. Emon begins to chant over Mono's body but is interrupted when Wander is suddenly warped back into the temple.

By now Wander is extremely pale and weak. His sword falls to the ground and a shadowy entity possesses his body. Emon berates Wander for stealing the sword, coming to the Forbidden Land, and freeing evil. His followers put an arrow through Wander's leg, and he falls.

Instead of blood, shadows come from the wound and begins to encase his body. Another of Emon's followers stabs Wander through the heart. More shadows begin to gush forth. Wander walks to Mono, reaching for her, and pulls the sword out. Dormin then completely possesses Wander in the form of a great horned beast.

As more shadows converge, Dormin grows. Emon's and co. run out of the shrine in a bid to seal it once more. One of Emon's followers grabs the Ancient Sword and gives it to Emon. Emon raises the sword, and bidding Dormin to be gone, casts it into a pool of water.

Bright light shoots from the pool, creating a a whirlwind, and sucks the shadows and Dormin possessed Wonder into the pool. Then all is calm

Mono then awakes and rises from the alter. At the same time, Agro comes limping in. He survived the fall, but broke his hind leg. Mono pets Agro once he reaches her.

Emon and company have made it back across the crumbling bridge and are out of the Forbidden Land. He hopes that Wander can somehow atone for his sins.

Mono and Agro go to the pool, and lying there is a baby with horns. With the baby in her arms, she and Agro go in the secret garden outside of the Shrine. A deer approaches Mono as a bird flies away. The camera pans the dark bird we say in the beginning as it flies across the Forbidden Land. Suddenly the sky turns dark, as thunder is hear rumbling with lightning breaking through te clouds...

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