"That place... began from the resonance of intersecting points... They are memories replaced by ends and naught and etched into stone. Blood, young sprouts, sky --and the one with the ability to control beings created from light... In that world, it is said that if one should wish it one can bring back the souls of the dead... ...But to trespass upon that land is strictly forbidden..." -Lord Emon

The Shrine of Worship is the place that is most frequented by Wander. After Wander enters into the Forbidden Land, all consequential events occur because he entered into the Shrine and spoke with Dormin. This is where everything begins and ends for Wander, for he never walks out of this shrine after he has completed his task.

Locations of the Colossi are numbered on this map, the map came from ZOG. Use the grid for locations, info snagged from a Game Spot forum:

Cliff Path - located in G4
Halfmoon Canyon- G3
Misty Falls- G2
Desert Fortress- G1
Northern Span- F2
Dried Marsh- E1
Umbral Glade- C1
Stone Arch Gorge- D2
Round Stone Hill- E3/E4
Western Plain- C3/C4
Lair to the West- B4/C4
Lair on the Mesa- B4
Western Cape- B5
Arch Bridge Plain- C5
Blasted Lands- D5
Southwestern Cape- D7
Southern Plain- F7
Autumn Forest- E5
Shrine of Worship- F4
Valley Plain- G6
Eastern Bluff- H6
Green Cape- G7/G8
Ravine Entrance- E3
The Broken Seal- F8
Stone Bridge Cliff- E4

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