I always find the original Japanese titles interesting. Here is a little bit of information on the name that TeamICO considered before they decided on the name Wanda to Kyouzo.

The name originally laid out for the game was Nico. In Japanaese, it's pronouced like [knee-koh]. Being that the first game that came out was Ico pronounced [ee-koh].

When it came to Ico, I thought [ ] ii ko, meaning 'good child', [ ] ikou, the more popular reading, meaning 'let's go!', [ ] ikko meaning private, or [ ] ikkou meaning a peice or fragment of something.

So could Nico have been a play on words. 'Ni' in Japanese means two. But right off when I'm looking at the title, I think [ ] nikko, meaning two children which could possibly be Wander and Mono. [ ] nikkou also means sunlight, and the rays of the sun reflected from the sword guides you to the colossi.

But the name was changed to [ ] and unfortunantly there are some unique people who read wanda to mean Wanda, which is a girl's name. But it is to be read Wander, since there is no way to make the der sound in Japanese, save for the lengthened 'da--'. So our main character isn't even given a name, only Wander--he deviated from the village beliefs and went into the Forbidden Land.

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