Ico is the sequel to Wander and the Colossus. It begins with a horned boy being taken on horseback to a castle on the traverse side of a long bridge. He is then put into a urn in a wall by his people and left to die. All children born with horns are considered cursed and are taken and left in the castle to die.

Ico, assuming that is the young boy's name, breaks free and finds a girl in a cage. Her name is Yorda, she is very pale and thin.

Ico thinks she was left by the villagers too, and grabs her hand to help her up. He's determines to find a way out of the castle. No sooner than she stands than black shadows rise from the floor and try to grab her. Using the only weapon at hand, a stick, Ico beats then into oblivion. Yorda then approaches him speaking a strange language. Once they reach the outside gate, Yorda's mother, the Queen appears.

She is also swathed in black misty shadow only her face is visible and extremely pale like Yorda's. She tells Ico he can go, but she must have her daughter. Ico refuses to leave without Yorda, and the gate closes. So Ico, dragging Yorda by the hand, sets forth to find a way out.

Fast forward to the end, Ico runs the queen through with a magical sword and her final blast of energy knocks him into the air and into a wall, rendering him unconscious. Both his horns have been knocked off by the Queen's powerful blasts. Yorda awakes and is consumed by the black energy, only her outline can be seen. The castle begins to collapse, falling in on itself.

Yorda gets to her feet and goes to Ico, the once weak Yorda now has the power to scoop Ico up and carry him. We are shown all the places they traveled together in the castle, the windmill, the bridges, all crumbling. Takin him the the water, she places Ico in a boat and pushes him off, whispering something to him in her language. You get a deep feeling she is thanking him and saying farewell all at once. All the while the beautiful peice "You Were There" places in the background.

Ashore, Ico gets up. He runs down the beach and there is Yorda, no longer possessed by the darkness. Ico stands over her and she opens her eyes...

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