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Opening - a bird soars overhead, and we see Wander on Argo as they break through the forest and onto the bridge leading into the Forbidden Land. {16.6MB zipped avi}

To the Shrine of Worship - Wander crosses the bridge. In front of the Shrine he dismounts, and carries Mono inside and lays her on the alter. Shadows suddenly rise up from the floor and lurch towards Wander, but he uses the sword to dispel them. Dormin speaks, and in order to resurrect Mono, Wander makes a deal with Dormin. {39.4MB zipped avi}

Vision of Mono - After the eighth colossus is defeated and Wander is knocked unconscious, he has a vision of Mono waking up and beckoning to him. Scene goes back to Wander as he passes out, calling her name. {2.37MB zipped avi}

Ending: part I/3 -Lord Emon and his men arrive at the Shrine of Worship. They attack Wander, who is then possesesed by Dormin. Dormin attack Lord Emon and men. Lord Eon casts the sword into the pool. {22.7MB zipped avi}

Ending: part2/3 - The whirlwind created by the pool sucks Wander/Dormin in. Lord Emon and men barely make it across the bridge as it collapses. Mono awakes and looks around as Agro comes limping to her. [roll credits]. {18.5MB zipped avi}

Ending: part3/3 - Together, Mono and Agro go to the pool. A baby boy is babbling and kicking his arms and legs as Mono gently picks him and and cradles him. Agro leads them to the secret garden. As a deer approaches them, 4 white birds and the dark bird from the beginning take flight. camera follows the dark bird into a storm. [roll credits] {17.4MB zipped avi}

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