Like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus uses a lot of Blooming Light effects, so the sunlight seems like it is streaming in from around corners. In addition to high dynamic range rendering, motion blurs, and desturated colors *fellow webpage designers will understand these terms* which work to create a soft ambiance. Add in the beautiful music scores by Mr. Kou Ootani, and roaming the terrain is a tranquil experience.

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   The Farthest Land is © Alicia. Images edited on PS7&PSP7, coding done on EditPad. Fonts used are Arial, Verdana, and Gartentika. Brushes used from Inxplicable Design and Absolute Trouble. Textures came from Feel and Materials. Reuse and/or redistribute my graphics or info without my permission is strictly prohibited. Shadow of the Colossus is the intellectual property of SCEA & Team ICO.

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